Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 – Quickly and Effectively.

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Windows 10 Update Error code 0x80240034 is an error code which make bad experience of it’s user by preventing proceed all-inclusive updating process of Windows 10 operating system.

What means error 0x80240034 and What happens to it?

To the Windows Operating System, updates are gets installed by the function of automatic update service of windows its good. But when the time comes to finishes updating the computer reboot automatically and suddenly and it cannot complete the installation process for Windows. And for this Update Error Code 0x80240034 occur.

In reality when a computer cannot connect with the operating system’s server Microsoft or its CDN (content delivery network). At this moment the Windows Update Error Code 0x80240034 occurs.

Particularly, a bunch of Microsoft server addresses blocked manually. And when a specialized program writes to the HOSTS file to the windows -this is the reason of happening such a problem.

Although Microsoft declared that, the problem of 0x80240034 is solved by the time. And it will not occur but an overwhelming majority of the Windows user suffering from this issue.

The Windows Update error 0x80240034 appears not only to Windows 10 but also to others versions of the windows operating system that may be affected by the issue including the latest one.

If you are also suffering from this kind of issue of Windows error 0x80240034. Then in this article we will discuss in detail and provide an absolute solution to it. But before going to fixing the error 0x80240034 let us have some discussion regarding the cause of its happening. And some symptoms of the 0x80240034 error. It will help us to take a preventative and curative measure of the problem.

What Is Windows Update Error
What Is Windows Update Error.

Symptoms Of The Problem.

    • Active window crashed and “wu_e_download_failed” message appears.
    • Appearing of 0x80240034.
    • A dialog box appears with the message – “ A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The problem seems to be caused by the following file ……”
    • A computer may crash frequently and Error 0x80240034 appears while processing the updating.
    • The message “Update Failed To Download” appear.
    • System running slower than normal and mal-functionality of keyboard and mouse.
    • With a little bit of interval computer reboot and hang for a couple of time.

Reason/Cause of the Windows update error 0x80240034.

To fix any issue it is essential to know the cause of the issue. So, let’s have some idea of the reason for the error 0x80240034. As with other errors of Windows, the error 0x80240034 may occur due to many reason, some of them are as given below.

    • Malfunctioned Windows Registry Due To Corruption Or Damage.
    • Improper Functioning Of The Hardware/Defective Hardware.
    • Crashed/Internal Conflict Of Installed Driver.
    • Affected By Virus or Malware Which Are Not Cleaned By Antivirus.
    • Software Damage Or Corrupt During Pre And Post Installation.
    • Trying To Installing Cumulative Update Of KB4048955.
    • Corruption of Damaging Of Update Elements During Installation Procedure.

Probability And Possibility Of Avoiding The Windows Code Error 0x80240034.

Similar to the other windows system error the error of updating has a greater scope of avoiding. And prevention is better than cure so there are certain things to do for preventing the Windows update error code 0x80240034. The preventing ways are as follows.

    • Always update and upgrade available installation and using the update software regularly. Turn-on auto-renewal option if available.
    • Use/install any software from an authentic source or paid version of it.
    • Be cautious for opening any email and its attachment from unknown or unfamiliar sources.
    • Use authentic antivirus software and keep it on all the time. When any malfunction appears scan your computer without any delay.
    • Avoid using any cracked version software.

      How To Prevent Windows Update Error Code 0x80240034
      How To Prevent Windows Update Error Code 0x80240034.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80240034

1.  Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows Update Temporary Folder.

In reality, memory cache has a significant role in causing numerous problems.

Because it’s consumed and occupies a bulk amount of RAM which is responsible for smooth running all of the programs. For getting a smooth performance and clearing a memory cache is essential.

To do the same follow the steps below.

    • Right Click On Windows Icon
    • Click Run
    • Type services.msc

      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows - 1
      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows – 1.
    • Click Ok
    • Select Windows Update
    • Click Stop

      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows - 2
      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows – 2.

After Doing This

    • Right Click On Windows Icon
    • Click Run
    • Type %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore
    • Click Ok.

      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows - 3
      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows – 3.
    • Select All
    • Click Delete.

      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows - 4
      Clean the Memory Cache Of Windows – 4.

After Doing all the above-said things Restart Your Computer

Run Windows Update again.

2.  Make Off The Developer Mode If It Is On.

Developer mode gives the facility to do test some of Windows store applications. In the certain feature of windows, it provides an additional user experience. But sometimes it can be one of the reasons for the occurring Windows error code 0x80240034. For this turn off your developer mode if it is on right now.

To do the same follow the steps below.

  • Right Click On Windows Icon
  • Click On Setting
  • Go To Update and Security.
  • Select For Developer
  • Select Sideload Apps.
  • Click Yes.

    Make Off The Developer Mode If It Is On
    Make Off The Developer Mode If It Is On.

After Doing Again,

  • Go To Setting
  • Now Go To Apps
  • Again Go To Apps & Features
  • After That Go To Manage Optional Features.
  • Click On Windows Developer Mode
  • Just Click Uninstall.

3.  Resetting Windows Update Store

It is may happen crash of windows store due to performing an unusual task or in the time of launching. So, it is suitable to fix the problem by resetting the Windows update store.

To do the same just follow the steps below.

  • Type Command Prompt on Search Box
  • Click Run As Administrator.
  • Type And Run The Following Command One After Another.

         First command : net stop wuauserv

        Second command: net stop cryptSvc

        And The Third command : net stop bits

After input, the above three commands Use The Commands below to rename.

    • ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
    • ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old
    • Close The Command Prompt
    • Restart Your Computer.

      Resetting Windows Update Store
      Resetting Windows Update Store.

After doing the all above said methods if you still have the error then apply the next step. 

4.  Run And Perform Scanning Of SFC Scan

This SFC scan is used for scanning all protected system files. And it also replaces the corrupted files with a cached copy located in the operating system folder. SFC scan process a complete scan of the system. And by using windows component store versions its repair and/or replace damaged or missing files of the system.

To do the same just follow the steps below.

    • Type Command Prompt on Search Box
    • Click Run As Administrator.
    • Type And Run The Following Command.

                              sfc /scannow

    • Press Enter.

      Run And Perform Scanning Of SFC Scan
      Run And Perform Scanning Of SFC Scan.

After completing the SFC scan if the problem of 0x80240034 error does not solve try the next method.

5.  Use Windows Update Trouble Shooter

At the time of downloading and installing updates error may occur. Windows update troubleshooter very much helpful and effective to solve the problem.

To run windows update troubleshooter do the following.

    • Right Click On Windows Icon
    • Select Update & Security

      Use Windows Update Trouble Shooter - 1
      Use Windows Update Trouble Shooter – 1.
    • Click On Troubleshoot.

      Use Windows Update Trouble Shooter - 2
      Use Windows Update Trouble Shooter – 2.

After applying the process and complete successfully try to install the Windows update again. If the problem does not fix try the next method.

6.  Download Windows Update Manually.

When we want to manage windows update without any third-party tools like a control panel and setting the necessity of manual update requires. All updates of Microsoft for Windows can be managed manually. It give us flexibility by providing more options to manage the updates of various service of Windows.

So, first, you need to get the update code, before following the next steps. Generally, the entire Windows update code starts with KB, and is followed by the group of numbers.

Now follow the steps to do so:

    • Go To Microsoft Update Catalog
    • Type or Paste Update Code
    • Press Enter

      Download Windows Update Manually - 1
      Download Windows Update Manually – 1.
    • Select Identical Update with your system
    • Click Download

      Download Windows Update Manually - 2
      Download Windows Update Manually – 2.
    • Run Downloaded Setup File and
    • Follow The Instruction On the Dialogue Box
    • Restart Your Computer After Finish Update

Check for the error now it will be fixed, if you found it non-fix try the next fix.

7.  Registry Key Verification.

An organizational unit in Windows is a registry key. It is an internal database that is used for storing configuration information. It loads configured information during Windows startup and login. Many times it may damage or corrupt by external and internal factors. If you still have the problem of windows update error code 0x80240034. Then this is the time to check and fix the windows registry key.

To do the same follow the steps below.

  • Right Click On Windows Icon
  • Click Run
  • Type regedit.exe
  • Press Enter

    Registry Key Verification - 1
    Registry Key Verification – 1.
  • Find Out The Path Below:


  • Erase/delete entire WUServerand WIStatusServerClose All And Restart Computer.

    Registry Key Verification - 2
    Registry Key Verification – 2.

8.  Run Deployment Image Servicing (DISM)

For mounting and service Windows images before deployment a command line use named DISM. Many times running DISM is capable of fixing the error of 0x80240034 code.

To do the same please follow the steps below

    • Type Command Prompt on Search Box
    • Click Run As Administrator.
    • Insert Media (USB/DVD Installer)
    • Type The Command Below

                      dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:/Repair/Source/Windows /LimitAccess

Make Sure To Replace C:/Repair/Source/Windows Path With The Path In Your DVD/USB.

Run Deployment Image Servicing (DISM)
Run Deployment Image Servicing (DISM).

If the command is stuck at the point keep in mind that, it is a normal thing. Because after a couple of minutes windows download and replace managed missing files if needed.

When the total steps complete restart your pc and check for the problem. It appears or not? If still appear go through with the next step.

9.  Install Windows Latest Version By Using The ISO File.

An ISO file is used for installing or reinstalling the operating system windows 10. It can also create installation media with a DVD or USB drive. To run and complete the process internet connection is required.

If your problem with Windows update error 0x80240034 still appears. And you failed to download or install windows update then you have the option to install it from an ISO file. Which may created by Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.

To do the things follow the steps below.

    • Download Create Windows 10 installation media

      Download The Create Windows 10 installation media
      Download The Create Windows 10 installation media.
    • Now for install, the update follow the steps below
    • Run Windows Installation Media (which is downloaded)

      Create Windows 10 installation media
      Create Windows 10 installation media.
    • Select Setting Of Language, Edition, And Others
    • Click Next.

      Select Language, Edition and Architecture settings.
      Select Language, Edition and Architecture settings.
    • Select ISO File
    • Click Next

      Selecting ISO File During Setup
      Selecting ISO File During Setup.
    • Save The ISO File To Your Desire Location And Wait.
    • Open ISO File

      Runnig Setup For Windows
      Running Setup For Windows.
    • Run Setup Application.

      Run Installation Of Windows
      Run Installation Of Windows.

[NB: Take Backup of all important documents and file of you before running the installation process]

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

In our daily internet activities, Windows errors are certain. And many of us face irritating problems. But there is always an alternative to fix them up. So at the moment of occurring such an error, we should keep ourselves cool. And apply the possible methods to fix it.

We are always trying to provide authentic and effective solutions to fix various Windows 10 Errors. Apply the prescribed fixes one after another till you find the problem resolved.

Last but not the least, the above-described solutions for Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 are tested. And also it is given from the expert point of view. So by implementing them you can fix the asking error 0x80240034 code quickly and effectively without facing any problem.

We firmly believe that the given fixes here will work for you. And after applying it you find Windows 10 update Error code will be resolved.

Thank you &Good Luck..!

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