How To Fix Hulu Error Code 504 With Less Effort In An Effective Way.

Many apps we use in our daily internet activities. Most of them are very helpful to us. Some of them very fond of us. Hulu is the prominent one in this respect. Basically, Hulu is a useful and popular streaming app that is based in the US. Although it is popular due to easy to use and user-friendly features, nowadays users of Hulu facing many errors with this app. Among them, Hulu error code 504 reported simultaneously.

Besides that, some other errors also reported and addressed by its users. Such as Hulu Error Code 503, Hulu Error Code 3, Hulu Error Code PLRUNK 15, Hulu HDCP Errors, Fix Hulu Protected Content Errors, and Fix Hulu Error Code 16 and Invalid Region Messages are seen with different users.

Let’s get down to the business point of fixing Hulu error code 504 and 503.

In fact, there is no absolute reason for the error explains with. Because some of them associated with internet connectivity, some are with hardware, and some of them associated with Hulu itself. Hulu error code 504 is the outcome of the gateway timeout of the server. When the Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) is not getting sufficient time while acting/playing a role as a gateway or proxy. That means it not reach the required time from an upstream server of Hulu to perform the request. In a nutshell, the corresponding server is not receiving a timely response from asking the browser to load a web page and or go through/perform browser requests.

Fix Hulu Error Code 504 With An Effective Way.

Clear your browser:

When we use the browser for a long time, the browser cache filled with junk and many items at a time. Which is the most common cause of the existing error. So by clearing the browser cache Hulu error code erased. To do the same,

  • Go to setting of your browser.
  • Click on clear browser data.
  • Click clear data.
Clear your browser


Set Windows Firewall not to block Hulu:

A firewall is a program of Microsoft which comes with windows. The major role of this is to prevent your system from internet and blocking potentially harmful components. Sometimes, your firewall prevents you to get access to your Hulu streaming app. To overcome this you should let your firewall allow Hulu streaming.

  • Right click on windows icon and go to setting.
  • Select windows firewall.
  • Find windows security
  • Click on firewall and network connection.
  • Allow an app through firewall.
  • Add/Allow Hulu.
Set Windows Firewall to not block Hulu


Re-Check Internet connection and DNS.

Sometimes, the internet connection may fail due to the distance between your modem and your device. It is one of the best possible reasons for the Hulu error is the connection of your internet may be out of range of a Wi-Fi network. To overcome the possible recurring error do the following.

  • Remove your modem router connections.
  • Wait for couple of time.
  • Take your modem near to your device.
  • Now connect the all devise to your system.


Properly configure your DNS server.

Basically, DNS (Domain Name Server) server is an important part of the internet. It plays a vital role in matching your seeking website name and its IP (Internet Protocol) address number. To configure reset your DNS do the following.

  • Go to Start Menu at the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Type CMD into the text box and then select the Command Prompt program.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns and press ENTER (Point to be noted: there is a space between ipconfig and /flushdns).
  • Restart your computer.
Properly configure your DNS server


Update your app.

Although it is the responsibility of app companies to keep their app up-to-date by informing their users. But if you have updated your Hulu app a long time ago, then it’s now time to upgrade it. In many cases, the error will be fixed just by updating your app.

To update your Hulu do the followings:

  • Open Microsoft store
  • After that go to setting.
  • Now go to downloads and updates
  • Select Hulu app
  • Click get updates.


Update your app

Take support from Hulu.

Every software company has the feature of customer support and they assist their customer to solve any issue with their software. Sometimes, many of us facing the error due to Hulu server error. In this regard get assistance from Hulu support. They will fix the error by identifying and fixing the issue of the Hulu server.

  • Go to the help center of Hulu
  • Go to contact us
  • Contract with Support.


Take support from Hulu

Delete your Hulu app.

Many times, you can’t be fixed the error by implementing all possible actions. If above said is not working for you then, it’s time to delete your Hulu app and re-install it. By doing this you may get your error fixed.

  • Go to file explorer
  • Find and Select Hulu
  • Delete Hulu


Use a VPN.

If you are staying in a country where Hulu is restricted. VPN gives us an opportunity to change any IP location. So, you should use a VPN service to overcome the barrier of location for using the Hulu app.

  • Download VPN
  • Install the VPN
  • Turn-on VPN
Use a VPN



There is a lot of ambiguity in fixing the error of Hulu. So, here is our best effort to provide you every possible fix to the Fix Hulu error code 504 problem. You should try every one till getting your issue fixed. They’re all easy to apply and tested to perform. If you find this article helpful feel free to share it. If anything we missed out you noticed please let us know by commenting below. We always try our level best to keep your device safe and issue-free.

If you have any query or suitable fix of this error which is not mention here. Please feel free to inform us by commenting below.

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