How To Fix FFXIV Error 90002 Effectively and Easily.

A discussion is holding today regarding an issue. And the issue is, Fix FFXIV error 90002. As like me many gamers also have the worse experience of this problem. The discussion will be in two-phase. The first one, what is the FFXIV error 90002. And the second one is how to fix FFXIV error 90002.  

This is a ridiculous problem during playing a regular game. For such a problem you can not access it and have no idea what’s going on. At this moment of occurring the error player cannot enter in instance battle. But it is part of the main game scenario. Thereafter we started this line of the game that does not work. And a disconnection arises. So here I will be going to share my experience of fixing it.

In the final fantasy XIV when the server disconnect from your Pc to the game server. Then the FFXIV 9002 error occurs. There is some effective and easy way to fixing the error is available. And with this, you can easily fix the issue of playing Final Fantasy XIV. Let’s get down to the discussion now.

The Reason Behind The Scene.

In the time of playing Final Fantasy connection with the server was lost. And the problem may occur due to various reasons. Among them, the most prominent is internet inconsistency. Along with this, not supporting the router with UPnP. Some sort of time enabling of large send offload network setting is the reason for the FFIV 90002 error. In addition to this, corrupted game files may be responsible for these kinds of errors. And an antivirus may also cause the interruption to happen the error by rising conflict.

Top Reason OF the Error of 9002
Top Reason OF the Error of 9002


How Do I Fix Final Fantasy XIV 90002 Error?

Here are the 11 ways of fixing the error with high probability and the possibility of erasing the existing problem running the Final Fantasy smoothly and without interruptions. Thus, this kind of problem occurs with windows, so I am giving the solution with a viewpoint of windows pc. Keep in mind to go through one after another and after completing one task check the error problem is fixed or not. In reality, it doesn’t require all the processes. One or two of them will be worked for you. The ways are as given below:

1. Re-start.

In this process, you have to restart or reboot your pc and router. After that. you have to restart your game also. If the error problem existing for you then go through the next process.

Re-Start Your PC
Re-Start Your PC


2. Resetting the Router.

The router is the key component of the internet connection to your pc. Many times there is a conflict arises between IP or TCP and router. For this, restart your router, if the problem exists after restarting your router. Then this is the time for resetting the router. Sometimes, malfunctioning/improper functioning may occur with this device. By addressing and fixing the issue with your router will lead you to Fix FFXIV Error 90002.

To doing the same.

  • Press the power button of the device back.
  • Or, unplug the power supply.
  • After waiting for 30 seconds then plug it again.
  • When you get the internet connection restart the Final Fantasy.
  • If the error 90002 still appears then follow the next solution of fix.
Resetting the Router
Resetting the Router

3. Disable Running Antivirus and Windows Firewall

The issue of Final Fantasy XIV 90002 Error may be incurred by security programs. Security options of antivirus and windows firewall make confliction with running desire game. It’s leading to server connection failure or loss. 

There is a lot of possibility of occurring FFXIV connection failure with the server lost. And 9002 errors exist from conflict between the game and antivirus or windows firewall. Thus, to fix the existing problem just disable the antivirus software. And windows firewall for a couple of times temporarily. If doing it can fix FFXIV error 90002 then okay. If not follow the next step.

Disabling Antivirus and firewall do the steps below. 

  • Open antivirus
  • Go to the setting.
  • Continue to the internet connection.
  • Under private network settings
  • Make it disable.
  • Click apply/ok.
  • Click Yes. 
Disable Running Antivirus
Disable Running Antivirus

4. Add an exclusion of the game To Windows Firewall and antivirus.

Most commonly, windows firewall and antivirus responsible for occurring various errors with various software. Firewall and antivirus block the game to run properly by blocking the client to fetch with an online server. To avoid such kind of issue. Add your desire game to the whitelist or exclusion to your firewall and antivirus.

To make exclusion to firewall do the following.

  • Go to the setting.
  • Open windows firewall.
  • Move To windows security
  • Click on the firewall and network connection.
  • Allow an app through a firewall.
  • Add Final Fantasy.

To make exclusion to antivirus do the following.

  • Launch your (Avira) antivirus.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Exceptions
  • Get on Add and select from C:\\program files (x86)\Final Fantasy.
  • Press Ok, again Ok.
Add an exclusion of the game To Windows Firewall - 1
Add an exclusion of the game To Windows Firewall – 1
Add an exclusion of the game To Windows Firewall - 2
Add an exclusion of the game To Windows Firewall – 2

5. Using VPN will be fixed The Final Fantasy Error.

When you still encountered by the problem of FFXIV error 90002. The problem may be created by an internet service provider. This phase of your problem has the probability of fix FFXIV error 90002 by switching to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It will help you to run your Final Fantasy without occurring the error 90002. Along with a secure internet connection. In many cases, some regions or internet service providers block. Or may not be getting connectivity with the game server for the interruption. In this case, you should use either a paid neither free VPN. And should check the issue remains or not.

For Using a VPN

  • Download the VPN
  • Run the VPN
Using VPN will fixed The Final Fantasy Error
Using VPN will fixed The Final Fantasy Error

6. Disable the Usage of UPnP FFXIV.

If you are unable to fix the 90002 error by implementing above said solutions. Then you should just use this one. Some sort of time previously buys router model unable to support UPnP. But it is necessary by default to the game setting. Particularly, in this method, you have to edit the configuration file of Final Fantasy XIV. For the sake of force it to avoid the use of UPnP. Practically, it works when the problem is incurred with using an old router. In this process, you have to disable UPnP from the network setting section. Just follow the steps below to Fix FFXIV Error 90002 by changing the FFXIV.cfg file.

  • Open the Documents Folder
  • Select My Games Folder
  • Now Open FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn Folder
  • Right Click on FFXIV_BOOT.cfg
  • Open It With Any Text Editor
  • Go To Network Setting 
  • Find out UPnP
  • Modify it from 1 to 10
  • Save The File Without Changing Its Name.
  • Re-launch the game and observe the error fix or not. 
Disable the Usage of UPnP FFXIV - 1
Disable the Usage of UPnP FFXIV – 1
Disable the Usage of UPnP FFXIV - 2
Disable the Usage of UPnP FFXIV – 2


7. Disable the Network Settings of Large Send Offload.

Although there was a lot of ambiguity for fixing the error 90002. But After spoke with many gamers who are already a bona-fied community. They are telling that, by changing the network adapter setting they come to fix the error 90002 of Final Fantasy XIV. Network adapter setting which is named as Large send offload. It is responsible for preventing upper level for the breakdown of large packets into series of small packets with different or non-identical headers. Although it’s not bad for the performance-optimizing of the network. But it enables the error 9002 to occur due to random disconnects. Thus you should disable the setting. To do the same follow the steps below.

  • Right Click on Start
  • Click Run
  • Type ncpa.cpl in the box
  • Press Enter
  • Right Click On Ethernet
  • Go To Properties
  • Click To Configure.
  • Go To Advance.
  • Select Large Send Offload v2(IPv4)
  • Set Value to Disable.
  • Click Ok
  • Again Select Large Send Offload v2(IPv6)
  • Set Value to Disable.
  • Click Ok
  • Restart Your Pc

If you do not fix the error until using this method then go to the next one.

Disable the Network Settings of Large Send Offload - 1
Disable the Network Settings of Large Send Offload – 1
Disable the Network Settings of Large Send Offload - 2
Disable the Network Settings of Large Send Offload – 2


8. Get Verification of Packet Loss.

Many times packet loss is the reason for the error in Final Fantasy. A packet is a segment of data sent from one computer to another. Over a network and It contains source, destination, size, type, data, and other useful information. Which is allows it to its destination and read. To check or verify your packet loss do the following.

  • Check your Game’s server IP address.
  • Right Click Windows Icon and Click Run
  • Type CMD
  • Now Type pathping/ping 1201.223.542.01 (Your Game server IP)
  • Hit Enter
  • It will check your packet loss
To Know Your IP Address
To Know Your IP Address
Checking Packet Loss
Checking Packet Loss

9. Use Google DNS.

If the above-said fixing cannot fix your error of 90002. Then you should change your DNS to Google. It worked for many users of Final Fantasy XIV.

Just follow the below steps.

  • Open Network and Internet setting
  • Right-click on Properties
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/Ipv4)
  • Go to Properties on This Tab
  • Type This DNS Server Address On It.
  • Preference DNS Server:
  • Alternative DNS Server:
  • Click Ok.

After That, Select Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/Ipv6)

  • Go to Properties on This Tab
  • Type This DNS Server Address On It.
  • Preference DNS Server: 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • Alternative DNS Server: 2001:4860:4860::8844
  • Click Ok.

Restart Your Pc.

If your error 90002 exist till now then follow the next step.

Use Google DNS - 1
Use Google DNS – 1
Use Google DNS - 2
Use Google DNS – 2


10. Flushing The DNS

It’s recommended to flush the DNS to solve the error of 90002. To flush the DNS follow the steps below.

  • Open command prompt
  • Type the followings one after another

       First,            ipconfig /flushdns

      Second,          ipconfig /registerdns

      Third,             ipconfig /release

      Fourth,           ipconfig /renew

      And fifth,       netsh winsock reset

  •  Hit the Enter.
  • Exit from Command Prompt.

Restart Your Pc.


Flushing The DNS - 1
Flushing The DNS – 1
Flushing The DNS - 2
Flushing The DNS – 2

11. Reinstall The Final Fantasy.

If none of the above-said solutions works for you. Then you should delete your Final fantasy completely and reinstall it. Many gamers stated that the error occurs due to a bad packet or a malformed file of your game. Thus FFXIV server detects it as a bad packet and terminates the connection. You can do it manually or using third-party software also. Because sometimes manually doing it unable to remove registry entries, trace. And junk files may be left behind. To uninstall the game manually do the following.

  • Right-click on Windows Icon
  • Apps and Features.
  • Select Final Fantasy
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall.

After Uninstall Your Game Completely. Just Reinstall Final Fantasy Now.

Reinstall The Final Fantasy
Reinstall The Final Fantasy


After completing uninstall process you have to install the game again. And When reinstall is complete restart your pc and launches the game. 

There is enough confidence with us that you can fix the error 9002 of FFXIV by using the methods mention here. And it may be not essential to use and apply all of the fixes prescribed here. But there is little possibility to apply the method from top to bottom. On the grounds of this, you have to try one after another. And observe to the error solve or not. Just after you find your FFXIV Error 90002 fixed stop there and enjoy your game.

Hope this guide of fixing error will helpful to you. And share it to solve the problem with others gamers like you. For on account of any query and suggestions. Please feel free to connect us by commenting below.

Thank you. 

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