Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Issue – Fix It In An Effective Way !

As like you an overwhelming majority of Skyrim players also have come across such a problem. Although it is a bothersome experience for you but there is an effective way by which you can fix this problem of Skyrim infinite loading screen easily and quickly.

Basically, in terms of action along with role-playing and popular to gamers Skyrim is an unparalleled video game. In 2011 Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks developed and published The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But nowadays Microsoft owns the game by purchasing Zenimax.

Although, by selling 30 million copies from its initial release Skyrim become one of the most bestselling video games. But as with other video game there is some issue arise during playing the Skyrim game. Don’t worry if you are experiencing infinite loading screen problems when you are trying to play Skyrim.

What we are providing and how to use it?

We are providing different result-oriented methods for you to fixing the problem. Keep in mind that, you may have not tried all of these. Implement the ways of fixing one and see the result if not solve then go through the next one. When you found your problem solve stop there and enjoy your gaming experience.

Particularly, when Skyrim players start the game after creating a new save file then the Skyrim infinite loading screen performs its annoying disturbance. In addition to that, such a loading screen before entering the game seems to its players who have installed the game early or even add new mods and trying to use it. Besides, changing/switching location due to traveling/roaming fast the infinity screen problem occurs.

Players can remember as long as this problem existing and they find assorted ways of fixing it.  Here we are providing the way of fixing this in a detailed manner that will be easy to understand as well as for implement for you.

Why does Infinite Loading Screen happen to The Skyrim?

There is the various issue of errors with Skyrim to discuss as we discussed in others article on our site. At this instant, here we discover some specific reasons which disgusted a lot of players. In reality, when a player tries to open and play Skyrim on his/her pc then it does not open. And continuously shows a loading screen. And the process of showing is infinite. Thus kill our time a lot and finally come up unable to playing Skyrim.

It may appear when a player wants to create a new save file in his pc to start the game for playing. An overwhelming majority of video game player’s victim of Skyrim infinite loading screen when going outside. That’s may be either with their pc neither available game console of them.

If you want to solve any problematic things then it is essential to know the cause/reason behind the problem. There is some specific reason for occurring Skyrim infinite loading screen on startup. The reasons are given below.

Mounting Mods of the Skyrim:

It is known to us that, the process of creating or downloadable using is Skyrim moding. Practically it is nothing but a modification that is made by its community. There is 60,000 submitted mod on Nexus and 28,000 on Steam workshop are available.

In reality, using a huge number of mods is responsible for intensification instability which pushes the game for misbehaving in various aspects. And one of the aspects is Skyrim’s infinite loading screen fast travel. So installing any new mod may cause the problem of the infinite loading screen.

Insufficient Memory Allocation:

When Skyrim game can’t handle the scripts and objects for insufficient memory its crashes. Sufficient memory can prevent such kind of crashes. It enhances the memory performance of the game. And not optimize memory on Skyrim may cause the Skyrim infinite loading screen on startup.

Installing/Adding New Mods:

Normally, mods are used to creating community-built modifications at Skyrim. Depending on what you are want to modify/change, Moding Skyrim can be easy or complicated to use. In many cases adding new mods cause an infinite loading screen.

Malfunctioned Drivers:

Communicate and introducing hardware or device and software drivers always play a vital role. Drivers translate the information in form of a code that is sent by hardware as a specific command. For malfunctioning of any driver derive the terrible bothersome and annoying performance of individual video game. So, in the case of the Skyrim infinite loading screen, it is obvious to have a driver problem associated with proper functioned and recent/updated drivers.

Bad game file due to improper installation:

When a computer losses power suddenly is one of the reasons for a file being corrupt. Besides, the hard drive’s bad sector may cause the corruption of the file. Many times virus, malware in one of the causes of making files corrupt. Improper installation may also lead to file corruption. When a game file is corrupted it’s beginning to misbehaved thus causes. So the problem of Skyrim Infinite loading screen error.

Changes in registry setting of the operating system:

In Microsoft Windows, there is a Registry which is a database of settings, options values, property, and others information. It helps the operating system to manage. And helps the hardware and software of the machine to use its resources. It also keeps the custom setting of windows. And the user’s program in one location, which is make by an individual user.

But the problem is, registry error may occur to your system due to a huge number of unnecessary files on pc. And improper uninstallation of the program. This kind of unusual improper setting of the registry may cause the problem of the Infinite loading screen of Skyrim.

 So, if you are experiencing the infinite loading screen which is caused by any above-said reason. Then you can fix it by yourself. Let’s began!

How To Fix Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen - 1
Fix Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen.

How To Fix Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen?

There are nine step-by-step fixing methods for the infinite loading error we providing for you. But keep in mind for saving time you don’t have to apply them all. You have to apply one method at a time. After implementing the process try to play Skyrim. If you succeed then you enjoy the game. In case of not finding your desire result then apply the process of the next one. As long as you could not get your outcome of solving infinite loading screen then last of all you may get support from Skyrim. Let’s move towards the procedures.

1.   Restart Pc and Network Device.

Re-starting devices solve many non-critical simple problems by refreshing the system and memory. So, if the occurring issue of Skyrim simple one then doing it will be solved easily and effortlessly.

To do the same follow the steps below:

  • Click on the windows icon of the taskbar
  • Now Click power
  • Then Click restart.
  • Switch off your network device
  • Wait for a couple of time
  • After That Switch on Network Device now.
  • Start your Pc.
Restart Your Pc
Restart Your Pc.
Restart Your Modem/Router/Network Device.
Restart Your Modem/Router/Network Device.


2.   Update Device Drivers.

Driver plays a vital role in the better and smooth performance of any video game. Many drivers are associated with your machine and are needed for playing a video game. Among them for the question of display performance or issue graphics card is prominent. For this, if your graphics card driver either backdated neither corrupt for any reason. Then fixing it by updating will solve the asking problem of Skyrim infinite loading screen immediately.

There are two alternatives in your hands to update your drivers. One of them you can do it manually by getting the driver from the manufacturer’s website. Another one is by using any driver updater software for free or even paid version. Both are simple and easy, and you can do it easily and can solve the error.

To do it manually do the following.

    • Right Click On Start Menu
    • Select Device Manager
    • Double Click On Display Adapters
    • Right Click On Your Adapter
    • Click Update.
    • Select Search Automatically For Drivers

To-Do it by driver updater software do the following.

    • Download and Install Updater Software.
    • Run Scan Now
    • Click On Update All

[NB: Some updater software may require a pro version for update all].

Downloading Driver Updater
Downloading Driver Updater.
Installing Driver Updater
Installing Driver Updater
Scanning For Driver Update.
Scanning For Driver Update.


  • Select skse.ini file
  • Right Click On It
  • Select Open With Notepad


Select Skyrim From Library.
Select Skyrim From Library.
Browse Local Files From Steam Library
Browse Local Files From Steam Library.


[If there is no file in such name then click on the folder and select New > Text Document.]

    • Give The File Name “skse.ini”
    • Save The File
    • Now Put\paste The Line Below To The File










Save the ” ini “ and exit.

Creating Text Document-1
Creating Text Document-1.
Creating Text Document - 2.
Creating the ‘skse.ini’ file.

Try to run Skyrim and observe the infinite loading error is still appears or not.

If it is occurring till now then do some changes in the properties of the skse_loader.exe file. It requires a little bit of time. So do it now. Follow the steps below.

    • Find skse-loader.exe in the system folder.
    • Right Click On It
    • Select Create A Shortcut On Desktop.
    • After Creating The Shortcut Select It.
    • Right, Click On It.
    • After The Last Quotation Mark Make A Space and ad ‘-forcesteamloader’
    • Click Ok Now.

Now relaunch the Skyrim and have a look for the infinite loading screen gone or not. If it is exiting till now then follow the next possible solution of fixing it.


6.   Make Changes In Preferences File Of Skyrim.

For Modifying all settings the Skyrim.ini file is responsible. Primarily it is located at Documents/Games/Skyrim Folder by default. Although it may change the location of it. It is helpful to solving Skyrim game-related problems by adding or changing lines on them. There are some commands to fixing the error you may try.  Below one’s is the most helpful to solve the error with many users.

    • Open File Explorer
    • Go To Documents
    • Open My Games
    • Now Go To Skyrim
    • Right Click On Syrim.ini
    • Open It With Notepad
    • Click Edit And Select Find
    • In The Given Box Type “fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS” And Change The Value To 2000.0.
    • Click File And Click Save.
    • Exit From Notepad.

[In case of not finding create the {papyrus} section and make the line as in the picture below.

Exit Notepad. If you don’t find this line, simply navigate or create the [Papyrus] section and make sure the line looks like the picture below.

Try the game by launching now and look for the infinite loading screen to appear or not.

Make Another Change In Preferences:

Some additional changes you may do with the Skyrim.ini file is to change in “MapMenu’. If this is available with your Skyrim.ini file then make it as we provide below. If it is not available then edit the Skyrim.ini by adding the following line in it. You just copy and paste it into the Skyrim.ini file.










Opening INI File For Changing Preferences.
Opening INI File For Changing Preferences.
Making Changes In Preferences File Of Skyrim.
Making Changes In Preferences File Of Skyrim.


7.     Modify The Registry Editor Of Your System.

The Skyrim registry editor is helpful for users to perform several functions like deleting, creating, renaming, manipulating keys and the subkeys along with the value and the data of the value.

In many cases, registry settings of windows are responsible for occurring the problem of Skyrim infinite loading screen. Skyrim has a fixed loading time mentioned in the registry file. When the actual loading time of the Skyrim game exceeds what is in the registry file. Then windows consider it as a not responding program. And the error occurs at this time. To fixing it you should do the following.

[ First of all, you should keep a  backup of the registry file to perform the modification of the registry file of your windows. ]

    • Right Click On Windows Icon
    • Click Run
    • Type “Regedit” And Hit Enter
    • Go To The Path As Shown Below
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
    • Find Out “HungAppTimeour”
    • If Not Found Create It
    • Click Edit On The Top Menu
    • Click New
    • Select-String Value
    • Name The File As “HungAppTimeout”.
    • Select The Created File
    • Right Click On It
    • Click Modify
    • Change The Value Data To 3000
    • Apply The Changes.
    • Restart Your Computer.


Modify The Registry Editor Of Your System - 2
Modify The Registry Editor Of Your System – 2.




8.     Delete Skyrim Completely and Reinstall It.

After Implementing all the above-said fixing techniques if the problem appears till now then this is high time to delete the game completely and install it again. To do the same follow the steps below.

    • Right Click On Windows Icon
    • Click App And Features
    • Select The Game
    • Click Uninstall.

Another way of uninstalling:

    • Go To File Exproper
    • After That Go To Program Files (x86)
    • Now Go To Steam
    • From Here Go To Steamapps
    • Again Go To Common
    • Select Skyrim
    • Delete It.
    • Restart Your Computer

After deleting the Skyrim game successfully install it from the official website of Skyrim.

Dleting Skyrim From Folder Directly
Deleting Skyrim From Folder Directly.
Downloading Skyrim For Install
Downloading Skyrim For Install.
Reinstalling Skyrim After Downloading.
Reinstalling Skyrim After Downloading.


9.     Get Support From Skyrim Support Center.

It is a very irritating and frustrating situation for the user when an infinite loading screen error occurs on their personal computer. For the sake of the user we provide the above-said solutions by implementing them you can easily get rid of the bothersome experience of the Skyrim Infinite Loading screen.

We try to provide detailed information with pictures and text to solve the problem. But after doing all the things you still have the error you may take the assistance of the forum of Bethesda. Numerous users discuss share their different kinds of problems and solutions there.

Besides, you have the opportunity to get support from the Skyrim support center to fix any errors related to games. Just inform them regarding your Skyrim Infinite loading screen problem. Get assistance from them to solve the error.

Get Support From Skyrim Support Center
Get Support From Skyrim Support Center

Final Thoughts (Conclusion).

To sum up, The Ender Scrolls Vs Skyrim is the prominent and most fondly game among game lovers. They adore it very much for its active role-playing and enjoyable features. Like other video games, the issue may occur but most of the gamers fix it continues to enjoy the game.

We provide as many as available fixing methods here to fix the infinite loading screen in this article. And by this all detailed information, you can learn and know the cause, prevention, and fixing of the error of Skyrim.

We always love to hear from you. So if any new method is discovered by you to dissolve the error feel free to let us know by commenting below. If you find the solution of this article helpful share it with your gamer’s friends to make them happy to solve their problem (if applicable).

We always try to provide a better and quick solution for any issue with your Pc, games, and others. So, if you want to get our assistance regarding any issue of such problem please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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