Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002. It’s Not as Hard as You Think.

Windows 10 update error 0x80d02002 is the error that may occur during the upgrade failing to install to Pc. In our daily use of computer windows, the operating system requires updates. But sometimes, it may fail for various reasons. However, windows up-gradation is essential for smooth running of the computer. It’s also helping to cure malfunction by adding new features.

We can add a new feature with total operating system installation by only updating along with this its help us ensure the security of our devices. We can’t ignore the Microsoft provides updates from time to time.

Windows update error 0x80d02002 is an annoying experience when it’s come to our screen during the update process. But you can fix it with less effort within a couple of minutes. I am here today to solve the issue, which will assist you to overcome the error.

First, let’s look at the causes of the describing windows 10 update 0x80d02002 error. If we can realize the reasons, it will shorten our time to fix it.

Background Assumptions of the Error 0x80d02002.

There is some reason behind every error of the computer. Thus, the windows update error 0x80d02002 has some causes. It is challenging to say any specific reason for this. But we will do a little bit to discuss why and when such an error 0x80d02002 may incur.


Mismatch of the system requirements:

Every individual version of windows requires some specific system configuration. But when the requirement doesn’t match its needs, the installation not be completed. Because of this, the windows 10 update error 0x80d02002 happen.

Windows Cache:

A short form of temporary memory is called cache. It is nothing but a file. This cache file may be corrupt and interrupt the installation process.

In genuine/unlicensed software:

Windows software available is both paid and accessible form. But with the free state, various problems may arise because it is not licensed. Consequently, the error goes on.

Unstable Internet connections:

When the windows up-gradation process starts, it may lose the connection with Microsoft’s server. For this reason, the entire process is unable to complete. And ultimately, the error occurred.

Infected software and corrupt drivers:

The software may be infected by the attack of a virus, malware, and ransomware. In addition to this, sometimes, the driver can be corrupted for numerous reasons. The infected software may lead to the Error 0x80d02002.

Old or backdated drivers:

We often use the installation driver; it may be older than the previous version. When the install process runs with an obsolete driver, it cannot fulfil the requirements. As a result, the windows update error 0x80d02002 exist.

Confliction of the software:

In most cases, we use third-party software. And antivirus is one of them. But antivirus prevents various functions from performing in the Pc. And a conflict between the update installation and antivirus may arise. And the update error occurs.

After knowing the background, let’s dive into the solution. Because no matter whatever the causes are, we must try our best to fix it. I did it previously. And the process I am going the show here will be helpful to you in terms of saving time and effort.

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002.

After knowing the possible causes of the error now, it is time to fix it. It would help if you kept in mind there would be two parts of the fixation. There will be some essential curation in the first one, such as checking and fixing needs for a general and minor issues. Suppose you have little things which prevent the updating. Then by doing a few things, it will resolve it. On the contrary, if the problem arises for any significant issue, it will also be fixed by implementing the second adequate fixation. Today, windows update error, although irritating but we can restore it quickly by following the steps below:

Pre-requisition before fixation:

Check Internet Connection: Normally, updates are downloaded from the Microsoft server directly. To download it correctly, make and ensure an uninterrupted smooth and stable internet connection.

Restart Your Device: If the windows update error occurs during the first adaptation, then restart your Pc. Many times, it solves the existing error.

Stop The VPN: If you are using a VPN service, turn it off. Because due to VPN, there is the possibility of happening the error.

Update the display driver: The backdated driver may cause the issue. So, by updating the display driver and the network and audio driver. It will help fix the error.

Remove all external drives: If the device is connected with another external device. It may seem like an external hard drive, flash drive or other Pc. Remove them all from your device, which has the update error right now.

After implementing all primary things to do, check for the error. If it is erased, then well and good. If not, apply the steps presented below. You don’t need to use them all. Instead, try them one after another and check for the error 0x80d02002. When you find your problem solved, stop there and leave the other methods without implementation.

Fixation No. 01 :

Disabling Of Antivirus And Windows Firewall.

Our computer’s two vitally essential security measures are antivirus and windows defender firewall. They give us protection on behalf of bugs, viruses, malware even from stealing our data from the Pc. So, we can’t avoid using them. But when some error occurs, it may result from a conflict between them. And the best way to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002 is to disable both. So, let’s do it in the right way. Follow the steps below to do the same.

Disabling Antivirus.

    • First, Open Your Antivirus Program Right Clicking On The Icon In Taskbar.
    • Click On Manage Antivirus.
    • Now Click On Setting And From Here Go To Pc Protection.
    • After That, Click On Disable.
    • Finally, Click On Apply And Ok.

Disabling Windows Defender Firewall.

    • Type Windows Defender Firewall On Taskbar Search Box.
    • Click On Open From The Left.
    • To Go Windows Firewall Properties.
    • Now Click On Disable (At Firewall State)
    • After That, Click On Apply And Ok.
    • Now Close The Window.

After disabling your firewall and antivirus, look at the existing error. If the feature update to Windows 10 version 1709 – error 0x80d02002 remains unchanged, try the next available fix.


Fixation No. 2

Restore The System File By Repairing It.

The system file comes with the operating system. And without a system file computer can’t be run and operate correctly. But due to various reasons, this system file can be corrupted. Especially, a virus can be corrupt it. On the other hand, a bad sector on a hard drive may also cause corruption. And if the existing error occurs due to the system file corruption. Then by repairing it, the asking error 0x80d02002 can be fixed easily. For to do the same, follow the steps below.

    • Open Command Prompt By Type Command Prompt On Taskbar And Click On Run As Administrator.
    • After Opening The Command Prompt, Type The Following Command And Press Enter.
    • Sfc / scan now
    • After Waiting a Couple Of Time When The Process End Close the Command Prompt.

When you run the system file check command, and the checker finds some corrupt file repaired, now have a look at your windows update error 0x80d02002. If it is resolved, then well and good. If not, apply the following method to fix it right now.


Fixation No. 3

Use The Windows Update Assistance Service.

If the updates come for updating any windows, feature the windows update assistance can help. It is suitable for quality updates and manual updates of windows components. Although it takes a long time to update by update assistance, it is for checking the integrity. Do the following steps to get edited by the windows update assistance.

    • Go To Microsoft Official Website.
    • Here Click On Update No.
    • And Follow the On-Screen Instructions.

Hopefully, you can solve the Windows 10 update error by this time. If not, then follow the following fixation method.


Fixation No. 4

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.

There is a Windows build-in troubleshooter option to fix any update issue during updating or downloading the update. By default, a troubleshooter can fix any windows update errors. To run the windows update troubleshooter, follow the instruction below.

    • Right, Click On Windows Icon At Left Of Taskbar.
    • Now, Click On Setting.
    • From Settings, Click On Update & Security.
    • Click On Troubleshoot On The Left.
    • After Thant Click On Additional Troubleshooter.
    • Again, Click On Update Troubleshooter.
    • Finally, Click On Windows Update.

Suppose it can fix the issue of your windows 10 error; that’s great. Otherwise, apply the following available method prescribed here.


Fixation No. 5

Restart The Update Process.

If the updating process is stuck or you can complete the proper update, then it will be helpful to restart the process once again. Sometimes, the software update includes the security patches, and it needs to close the running program. So, it will help erase the present Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002. To do the same, do the following steps.

    • Close All Running Program
    • Shut Down Your Pc
    • Restart Your Computer Again.
    • Now, Start The Update Process Newly.

After completing the steps, if the error 0x80d02002 is found unsolved, follow another method described below.

Fixation No. 6

Rename Your Component-Based Servicing (CBS) Folder.

One of the best ways to mitigate Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002 Is renaming the CBS folder. There are numerous things windows keep adding and removing to its CBS folder as a log file in the updating process. The CBS log file is also known as Trusted Installer. The update process may be hampered when something goes wrong with this log file. By renaming it, will fix the existing problem of updating errors. To rename the CBS log file, do the following.

    • Type “%windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS “On The Taskbar.
    • Click Open The File Location.
    • Now Select CBS.log And Right Click On It.
    • From Right Side Click On Rename.
    • Now Type CBSOld.log (Rename It)

After completing the process, exit from the window and restart your computer; now, look for the problem error 0x80d02002 erased or not. If it remains unchanged, then follow the following available method mentioned here.


Fixation No. 7

Reset The Windows Update Component.

Microsoft Windows OS provide an essential component with its operating system known as an update. It handles and manages and everything which is needed to update the process. We see an update is vital to get the new feature and fixes of bugs and strengthen the security of our devices. But sometimes, this update component may be damaged, corrupt, or even out of order. In these circumstances, resetting the update component brings us out of Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002. Although resetting the update component is a lengthy process and require a long time. But here, we will do it manually and reset it. Follow the steps below.

  • Type “Command Prompt” At Taskbar And Run As Administrator.
  • Now Copy The Following Command One Line Once And Paste It To The Command Prompt And Press Enter.
    1. net stop bits
    2. net stop wuauserv
    3. net stop cryptsvc
  • Again, Copy The Following Command One At Single Time, Paste It And Press Enter.
    1. ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
    2. ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old
  • Now, lastly, Copy And Paste The Following Command And Press Enter One At A Time.
    1. net start wuauserv
    2. net start cryptSvc
    3. net start bits
    4. net start msiserver

After completing all the above steps, exit from the command prompt, restart your computer and look for the update. Suppose the problem of the windows 10 update error is resolved, then good. If not, then follow the following method to fix the error.


Fixation No. 8

Start The Computer With A Clean Boot.

Optimizing the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002 clean boot is an effective way. This booting option will not launch the other program during the computer’s boot-up. Many times, we use third-party apps and programs. Such an app may be responsible to occurring the error 0x80d02002 due to many reasons. So, when we perform a clean boot, it will disable launching the apps at startup. And in this way, the problem of windows update errors will be dissolved. Do the following things to make a clean boot up.

  • Type Run On The Taskbar And Press Enter.
  • Now Type “msconfig” And Press Enter. (Without Inverted comma).
  • Now Go To General Tab And Click On Selective Startup.
  • Uncheck The Load Startup Item.
  • Click On Apply And Ok.
  • Exit From The Window. And Restart Your Computer.

After starting your computer, check for the error 0x80d02002 erased or not. If it remains unchanged, then follow the following method.


Fixation No. 09

Resetting Region And Language.

The region and language setting of the Windows operating system affects the update process. If those two things are misconfigured or set wrongly, then there is a possibility of today’s windows 10 update error. For ensuring the issue, we’ll reset the region and language. Do the following things to act.

  • Go To Setting By Right Click On Windows Icon Of Left Corner of The Taskbar.
  • Click On Region (From The Left)
  • Now Select Proper Region And Language.
  • Close The Window.

After doing everything now, look for the existing problem of the windows 10 error. If it is solved, then well. If not, then follow another method below.


Fixation No. 10

Clear Windows Update cache

The cache is the vital place where temporary files are stored. They are beneficial and essential for ensuring our device’s optimum level of performance. But many times, they can be corrupt, damaged or even out of order. For the existing windows update error 0x80d02002 this may be happening. So, clearing the cache will free up the memory and install windows updates without any hazards. For clearing up the windows update cache, perform the task below.

  • Type Run On Taskbar And Press Enter.
  • Now Type “services.MSC” and press Enter.
  • Locate Windows Update From The List.
  • Right, Click On It.
  • Select Stop.
  • Again, Type Run On Taskbar And Press Enter.
  • Now Type “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\
  • Open Download Folder
  • Select All and Click On Delete.

After completing all steps, now restart your computer. And after starting up, check for the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002. Hopefully, It has been erased by now.


Final Thought.

Here I have discussed all the possible errors for solving Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002. By implementing a few of them, I firmly believe that you will find your error 0x80d02002 solved. If there is anything I have missed to fix the Windows update error 0x80d02002, feel free to let me know. Suppose you found the above-said information helpful. Then share it with your friends and family. That’s all for today.

Good Luck!

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