Fix Minecraft realms internal server error 500 with An Easy and Fast Way.

Facing problems with pc issues is a bothersome experience to any individual, if the problem incurred with Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500 we always get confused. At the moment of occurring Minecraft realms down, we fall into deep thought with thinking what is it and how to why it’s to me? 

It’s quite natural to be frustrated but we are providing here a lot of solutions to mitigate the error and a verse majority fixed their Minecraft realms 500 error with these tips.  If you are experiencing the Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500 then today is the day to erase the problem permanently. Thus we are offering some effective and easy to apply solutions with the help of our expert to fix Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500.

Basically, Mojang Software developed a video game named Minecraft. Minecraft has been critically acclaimed, winning several awards and being cited as one of the greatest video games of all time. Nowadays, Minecraft is one of the most video games being populated with the help of social media, parodies, and adaptions. Microsoft purchased Minecraft and Mojang’s intellectual properties. 

As we initially know it that for solving a problem it is important to know the possible causes by diagnosing the problem sign and symptoms. We tried our level best to discover the possible reason to occurring the problem Minecraft realms error 500. So, we are going to discussing the possible reason for the error.

So, Let’s Begin!

The backstage screen of Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500.

Fix Minecraft realms internal server error 500

Fix Minecraft realms internal server error 500

Outdated Version of the Game:

In reality, vendors are no longer provide support for outdated games. That is, any previously identified errors, bugs or other problems will not be applicable for an older version which is fixed with new and upgrade ones. In addition, older versions of any software or game may not be work properly and smoothly to new hardware as well as operating systems.

In relation to the above-said scenarios, Minecraft in your device may be outdated. For this, the suffering error incurred right now.

Unsmooth Internet Connection:

Many times, when you are using a bad Wi-Fi hotspot, a cable with defects from modem/router to computer cause an internet connection problem. Besides that, when there is an insufficiency of Wi-Fi hotspot strength occurring unsmooth internet connections.

In addition backdated modem/router drivers is also responsible to obtaining the problem. When you see your browser is slow, keyboard keys not functioning normally and mouse pointer is also wanders around those are some symptoms of your unsmooth internet connection.

One of the most possible reasons for the internal server error 500 minecraft in internet connection of your device and its preventing you to make connection with the server. 

Temporary Server Issues:

Sometimes, clients of a server could not be served due to failure/down of the server. It’s also known as server crash or down. Particularly, at the time of down or crash the user of a certain server is unable to access the server with a message server not found, the server is not responding, etc.

It may happen due to a physical machine power loss or maybe operating system or even having an issue with its network card. There is also a lot of variables of server down. Following this sequence, the server of Minecraft may be down due to maintenance or other associated reason. Which is occurring in the Minecraft Realms Down. Obviously, they make a declaration of its maintenance by their policy.  

Running of Background Applications:

In reality, background apps have the authority to download and install any updates, sending information as well as notifications along with consuming internet bandwidth. In some cases, arise conflict between the apps and is responsible for the Minecraft realms error 500. In this situation, background apps inhibit getting sufficient data for Minecraft also.  

Using Plugins:

We use plugins for the sake of getting extended functionality of any software. Basically, if the question of safety asked no plugins are able to provide this feature completely. Besides, it’s slowing down the page speed and the website can be down without any previous notice. When you are using plugins that are programmed by a third party can incur a problem. In the case of Minecraft realms down, using plugins may responsible to happen such an error.

How To Fix Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500 With An Expert Point Of View ?

Here we are providing some possible fixed according to an expert. If you implement the steps we believe that you will be capable enough to fix the Minecraft internal server error 500. Okay, let’s begin.

  1. Shut Down and Restart PC:

To solve the issue first things first.  In this steps of fixing the error you have to just shut down you pc and after waiting couple of time restart your pc. Many gamers fix their error by doing these simple things.

Shut Down and Re-start Pc

Shut Down and Re-start Pc

2. Update Your Operating System:

If you are using windows then you have to check if your operating system needs the upgrades or not. If it is needed then just upgrade it to a newer version. It will allow running your games smoothly and without any disturbance.

Update Your Operating System

Update Your Operating System

3. Get A Newer Version Of The Game:

As with your operating system, it is also essential to upgrade your game version. It is mandatory when you are using an older version of Minecraft. To avoiding many unwanted worse-case errors just get an updated version of your game. If you have the newer version just check it out are there any availability of updates? If any update available just download and install it right now.

Get A Newer Version Of The Game - 1

Get A Newer Version Of The Game – 1

Get A Newer Version Of The Game - 2

Get A Newer Version Of The Game – 2

4. Make Changes In Settings Of The Game:

Sometimes, many of us change the setting of the game to figure out its functionality without knowing the features later on we forgot to undo the changes. Thus may occur the problem. So getting out from the unexpected changes in the setting will help you a lot to dissolve the internal server error 500 Minecraft. To do the same you have to reset the controls by pressing the reset button. This is helpful for many gamers may helpful for you also.

Make Changes In Settings Of The Game

If the above said simple solution does not work for you yet to fix the error, not it’s time to do the following.

5. Internet Connection Properties Checking:

Internet connection impact on the game is obvious, specifically, some are compatible with games due to high speed and some are not.  When the question of transferring data at a higher rate thus connected by fiber and cable provides the best suit to video games rather than Wi-Fi connection.

The internal server error 500 may occur due to improper work of internet connection basically it prevents you from getting access to the game server. So, you have to have checked your internet connection for ensuring its works properly or not. If you are connected through Wi-Fir then you have to make a wire connection to get a smooth internet connection.

It is seen sometimes although your internet connection working properly you are suffering from the error of internal server 500. It happens due to interruption which prevents you from accessing the server. In this case, you may use a VPN for a fast and reliable internet connection.

6. Game Server Functionality Checking

As we initially come to know that, sometimes the game server may be down for maintenance and for other associated issues. In this situation, there is nothing to do with you rather than wait. So, wait for the response of the server until it availability.

Besides, in many cases, the dis-functionality of the game server affects the performance of the game so the user is unable to play at that moment. In this respect, you may make an inquiry regarding the status of Minecraft Game Server Status. If everything is okay with the game server then something going wrong with your side. To mitigate if follow the next fix of Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500.

7. Shut Down All Background Apps:

When it’s come to abnormality or error of any video game then the question of background apps may occur. For the proper and smooth functioning of your running game, you should close all background apps that are not using actively on your pc. Because it may consume your internet bandwidth in a significant quantity thus interrupt Minecraft from getting an adequate amount of speed for its running.

In this worst-case scenario, we will suggest you close all your background apps not using the present time. After closing all try Minecraft Realms Internal Server. To close the background apps do the following.

  • Run Task Manager By Right Clicking Windows Icon
  • Select Apps by Right Clicking on it
  • Click End Task
  • Re-launch The Minecraft

Closing Background Apps - 1

Closing Background Apps – 1
Closing Background Apps - 2

Closing Background Apps – 2

8. Delete Universally Unique Identifier File:

Basically universally unique identifier functioned as a replacer user’s username for the purpose of verifying the identity of the user. It allows any player to change a visible username and every player may get an individual UUID. There is some sort of disadvantages with UUID such as taking more storage, difficulties in debugging, and many other performance issues are related to size and order. So we recommend deleting the UUID when it occurs Minecraft internal server error 500.

To do the same just follow the steps below.

  • Get players UUID.
  • Log In To The Game Server
  • Go to Proceed To Server File
  • Go to Head of the Word
  • Locate and Open PlayerData Folder
  • Select Player’s Username or UUID
  • Click Delete
  • Restart The Game Server.

Delete Universally Unique Identifier File-1

Delete Universally Unique Identifier File-1

Delete Universally Unique Identifier File-2

Delete Universally Unique Identifier File-2

9. Disable All Plugins:

Plugins are useful but when it comes to an older one and also free then problems may arise at any time. Especially with games installed plugin causes problems for not compatible with the game version. So, for the sake of fixing Minecraft Realms, Internal Server error 500 its is recommended to disable all plugins on your pc.

To Do The Same Just Follow the steps below.

  • On your pc Open The Plugin Window
  • Rename The Plugin File
  • Suppose,  {plugin name}.jar to {plugin name}.jar.disable
  • Restart The Server.

Disable All Plugins

Disable All Plugins

If you unable to fix the error till now then go to the next possible fixes.

10. Reinstall Minecraft:

Before reinstalling your Minecraft it is essential to uninstall your present one. You may use a third-party uninstaller to uninstall it. Sometimes, registry entries and junk files may leave while uninstalling a program.

It also ensures that already installed programs can be easily removed from the system. Under no circumstances should you simply delete the program folder of the application to uninstall it, because this could leave numerous files and entries in the system, which could threaten the stability of the system.

  • To do it follow the steps below.
  • Right Click On Windows Icon on Start
  • Type appwiz.cpl to the Run Dialogue Box
  • Click OK

Uninstall The Game Before Reinstall – 1

Uninstall The Game Before Reinstall- 2

Uninstall The Game Before Reinstall- 2

Uninstall The Game Before Reinstall- 3

Uninstall The Game Before Reinstall- 3

Reinstalls Minecraft - 1

Reinstall Minecraft – 1

Reinstall Minecraft - 2

Reinstall Minecraft – 2

After completing uninstall completely go to the official website of Minecraft and download the game. Now install the game.

11. Get Support From Minecraft:

If you are facing the problem after implementing all the above-said solutions and still you the issue then this is the right time to get support from the Minecraft support team.

Although Minecraft not providing any telephone or cellphone number as a part of their customer support you have the opportunity to contract Mojang through the help desk at

Get Support From Minecraft

Get Support From Minecraft

Here we discussed all the possible fixes regarding Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500. Basically, all information provided here with an expert point of view. You have to follow and implement all of them until you get your problem / existing error fixed.

 We firmly believe that one of the solutions must be effective enough to dissolve the internal server error 500 code for playing the game smoothly and hustle-free manners.

Last but not the least, if you have any other information for fixing the error code 500 feel free to inform us by commenting below. In addition to this, we are always encouraging you to share your practical experience with us.

Thank you and Good Luck !

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