9 Tips To Fix Counterintuitive Uplay (Ubisoft) Connection Lost.

“Ubisoft connection lost” is a common problem when you come to play any game from Ubisoft games; it requires uplay. Uplay is nothing but a Ubisoft version of Steam. Any gamer can download the app and install it on their Pc. And the login is the same as it is in the Ubisoft login credential. With the help of this Steam app, you can not only play all Ubisoft games but also get a reward gained by you through playing. In addition to this, you can also communicate with other gamers.

Nowadays, many gamers face a common problem of connection lost uplay when they want to play their game. In this situation, they want to fix it easily and permanently. I am also going through with such a problem and fixing it by trying different things. For the sake of assistance, I’m going the share my experience here. It will quite be helpful to Ubisoft connection lost fix.

Reason Behind the scenes of uplay connection lost error.

There is no specific reason behind the problem of connection lost Uplay error on Windows 10. Many factors can incur the connection lost uplay. The followings are some possible reasons which cause the uplay can’t log in connection lost.

  1. The internet connection anomalies.

Sometimes, the issue may arise with the gamer’s Pc internet connection. For this, a connection between computers and Ubisoft is not established. As a result, the problem occurs.

  1. Ubisoft server down.

Ubisoft, along with other gaming steam service providers’ servers, may be down for various reasons. At this time, nobody can get access to their service because they are out of service.

  1. Your connection to the server has been blocked.

In this situation, the desired server blocks your IP address. They may do it for an excessive login attempt. For this reason, the server site’s triggered firewall security or MoD. It may happen to violation of terms & services of the destination website.

  1. The server has lost the connection.

Many times, a server may lose the connection to your client. The uplay server’s connection may be lost due to your computer eighter from the Uplay server. When internet at a low speed, it may be the reason for the connection being lost. On the other hand, the network connection of the uplay server is broken or temporarily down. Or maybe Its SQL server has stopped running, which is required restart.

  1. Restriction from ISP administrators.

For geographical and governmental policies some time your ISP administrator may restrict the site of Uplay. For this reason, you can’t get access to the server. And restriction from ISP administrator causes the problem of connection lost Uplay error on Windows 10.

Now after knowing the possible reason, don’t be panic. No matter whatever the cause is, we have to fix it. So, let’s begin.

9 Ways To Fix connection lost Uplay error on Windows 10.

Although, errors give us frustrating and bothersome experiences. And you may be frustrated to fix it. But when the error occurs, don’t be panic. Be cool and implement the providing methods one after another. It will get rid of the disturbing error that your connection to Ubisoft servers has been lost. So, let’s dive into deep details.

Solution No.1 

Update Your Network Adapter Driver

Network connection plays a vital role in providing a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection. If there is some problem with network drivers, then your network connection may be lost or malfunction. Sometimes it may be that you have backdated or corrupted network driver. So, updating the network driver will fix the network issue thus also fix the Uplay connection lost in windows 10 Pc.

There are two alternative ways to check and update your network driver. The first one is manual; you can check and update the driver by yourself. And the second one is using a third-party driver updater.  Here, I will show you both. You may use any of them for what is suitable for you.

Update Network Driver Manually.

  1. First of all, check the required driver from its manufacturer’s website. And download it (if it is possible).
  2. After that, Go To Device Manger By Right Click On The Windows Icon On Your Taskbar.
  3. Thirdly, Open The Network Adapters Option.
  4. Fourthly, Right Click On Your Network Driver And Click On Update Driver.
  5. Fifthly, Check For The Update And Install The Update If It Is Required.

Update Network Driver Automatically.

If you are unable, or you may not have enough time in your hand to perform the task. Then let it be handled by third-party software. Which will allow you to check and update all your drivers automatically. To perform the task, follow the steps below:

  1. Get A Third Party Driver Updater.
  2. Install It To Your Pc.
  3. Scan For Available Update.
  4. Click On Update All.
  5. After Updating Finished Close The Software.

After updating the driver, check for the Ubisoft connection lost fix. Suppose it is fixed, then fine. If not then, apply the next method.

Right Click On Windows Icon And Click On Device Manger.
Right Click On Windows Icon And Click On Device Manger.





Select The Adapter Finding Option
Select The Adapter Finding Option

Solution No.2 

Update Windows And Turn Off Windows Firewall.

Update required Windows may cause malfunction to the desktop or even on a laptop. For a smooth running of the hardware and all apps and program, Windows need to be UpToDate. But sometimes, we overlook the situation and don’t update Windows. Updated windows led to various problems, and today’s problem of uplay connection lost error may be one of them. So, an update of windows can free you from the annoying experience of the connection lost uplay error.

In addition to this, the windows firewall is an essential security element of the windows operating system. Firewalls protect our Pc from various dangerous apps and programs. The program apps data seems to be harmful to our device windows firewall prevent them from getting access to our system. Concerning this, windows may find your Uplay suspicious and prevent them from getting access to your device. So, disabling the windows firewall may erase the existing problem.

For updating the windows and disabling the windows firewall follow the steps below:

Updating Windows:

  • Go To The Setting By Right Clicking On Windows Icon.
  • Now Click On Updates & Security.
  • After That, Click On Check For Updates.

Disabling Windows Firewall.

  • Type Windows Firewall On The Search Box Of The Taskbar.
  • Click On Open Windows Defender And Firewall.
  • Click On Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.
  • After That, Click To Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Now Click On Ok And Exit.

After finishing the task, try to launch your Uplay launcher. And look for the connection to Ubisoft servers has been lost fixed or not. If not solved, then follow the next steps.





Solution No.3 

Disable Background Programs.

Some apps may have a responsibility to prevent making a connection with the server of Ubisoft. And such apps can run into the background of your Pc. It will be helpful to mitigate the Ubisoft connection lost error by stopping the apps from the sun into the background. So, to stop the apps running in the background, follow the steps below:

  • Right, Click On Windows Icon Of The Taskbar.
  • Click On Run
  • Now Type “msconfig” And Press Enter.
  • Go To General Tab Of System Configuration Dialogue Box.
  • After That, Uncheck The Load Startup Item Box.
  • Finally, Click On Ok.

After Completing all of this, restart your Pc.

Now have a look at your problem. Is it dissolve? If not, try the next fix given below.


Solution No.4 

Check ISP Provider Restriction.

Due to geographical and government policies, many times, your internet-providing company blocks some websites. If the problem is related to the regional government policy and you are staying in such a country. Then it is the quite possible reason of occurring the existing problem. So, I know very well that, contract with the ISP provider is a difficult task. Therefore, try to use a VPN and set your IP to the nearest country you. Just do the following.

  • Download A VPN (Free or Paid)
  • Now run the VPN.
  • Select The Country Near To You.
  • After Activating The VPN, Launch Your Ubisoft Console.

If it solves your problem, then ok, otherwise try the following fixing method described below.

Using A VPN
Using A VPN

Solution No.5 

Flush The DNS And Reset IP Address.

Windows operating system has the intention to store DNS cache near about one day, which is positive. On the other hand, if the response of DNS is negative, then it may store for approximately 5 minutes. Concerning this, when the internet connection is interrupted, it can be created by the junk DNS stored. In this situation, flushing DNS will help you to clear the cache of your server. Essentially, flushing the DNS will be helpful to remove all the entries which it has right now.

Along with this, the invalid record also is wiped out. It will also help to clear the IP address which is responsible for internet connectivity. It should be mentioned that windows clear the DNS from time to time automatically. But when the necessity occurs, you can do it manually also. Do the following for flushing DNS manually for the shake of your present error uplay connection lost problem.

  • Type Command Prompt On Search Box Of The Taskbar.
  • Click Run As Administrator On The Command Prompt App
  • Now Copy And Paste The Following Command.


ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /registerdns

  • After That, And Press Enter.
  • When Finish Giving The All Command Exit From The Command Prompt.

After completing the full process restart your Pc and look for the problem connection lost Ubisoft solve or not. If it is remained unchanged, try the next method.


Solution No.6 

Change Your DNS Servers Setting.

The domain name system (commonly known as “DNS”) is responsible for transforming domain names into IP addresses so that the original client may access the necessary Internet resources. As we know, static DNS addresses cannot change automatically if your existing Uplay problem is happening due to a DNS issue. Then by changing the DNS address will help you to get rid out of the present problem. Instead of the present address, you must use Google Public DNS address. And it will be helpful to uplay connection lost fix. 

. For changing DNS to the new one, you must follow the steps below:

  • Open Network & Internet Settings By Right Click On The Icon.
  • Click On Change Adapter Options.
  • Now, Find Your Current Network Connection And Right Click On It.
  • After That, Go To Properties.
  • Again, Find Out Select And Right Click On Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Again, Click On Properties.
  • Now Click And Check The Option “Use The Following IP Address.”
  • At The
  • Write The Following At IP Address & Alternative DNS Server.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

  • Finally, Click Ok And Save The Changes You Made.

If you are using IPv6 instead of IPv4, you must use the following DNS address from Google public DNS.

Preferred DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8888

Alternate DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8844

When you change your DNS, have a look at the occurring uplay connection issues resolve or not. If the problem has existed till now, then follow the next fix.

Open Network & Internet Setting
Open Network & Internet Setting

Solution No.7 

Disable Proxy Settings.

For making secure of the computer proxy plays a vital role. Naturally, it is used as web filters, or we may call it a firewall. The proxy gives a guard for the shake of protecting our computer from hackers, malware, and other harmful things. It is also helpful or needed for ensuring web gateway or email security products.

But the problem is the proxy is sometimes mismatched with the local network that we are using because both have their configurations. For this, if we want to use proxy in our local network. Then, it is recommended to eighter configure it or use some proxy that is completely matched with the network we are using.

The Ubisoft connection lost error may be associated with the proxy settings. It is possible to fix the issue very easily. Do the following things to configure your proxy with the Ubisoft server.

  • First of all, Open The Uplay Launcher On Your Computer.
  • Secondly, Go To Menu
  • Thirdly, Go To Setting And From Here To Network.
  • Fourthly, Find Out The Option “Always start Uplay in offline mode” And Make It Disable (If it is enabled).
  • Fifthly, Click On The Change Proxy Settings.

After completing all processes, let’s make a restart of your uplay launcher. And have a look at the existing problem. If it is solved, then ok. Otherwise, follow the next available method of fixing the error.


Solution No.8 

Reset Host File.

According to Wikipedia, the computer file host is an operating system file that maps hostnames to IP addresses. It is a plain text file. Originally a file named HOSTS.

It creates a map between IP address and domain name. Each address here writes in an individual line and is separated by space. Resetting a host file may solve the connectivity problem. In this respect, we have to reset our host file to overcome the connection lost error with Uplay. To reset the host file, do the following.

  • Copy The host file text from Microsoft.
  • Open Your Notepad
  • Now Paste The Downloaded Text To it.
  • After That Save It with The Name Of “host.”
  • Now Close The Notepad.
  • Now Go To “%WinDir%\System32\Drivers\Etc” Folder.
  • Delete Previous Host file Which Is Available Here.
  • And Cut The Created Host File From Desktop And Paste Here.
  • Now Close The Window And Restart Your Computer.

After completing resetting the host file, launch your Uplay. And seek the problem dissolve or not. In most cases if the problem associated with the internet connectivity is fixed by doing thin. If you do not get your problem fixed, then apply the next method.


Solution No.9

Reinstall Ubisoft Connect Pc.

For the Uplay itself, uplay can’t log in connection lost problem may arise. In this case, your uplay may be corrupt, malfunctioned, or even maybe backdated. To overcome the situation, I recommended reinstalling your Uplay. To do the same, follow the steps below:

  • Download the latest version of Uplay from the official website.
  • Install It To Your Device.
  • I hope it will help you to erase the existing problem. If you have not got your problem solved, then try the next fixation.

Connect With Ubisoft Support.

After finishing all the above-said fixation methods, if you found your uplay connection lost, remain unchanged. Then it is your last option. And this is the contract support team of Ubisoft. You share with the team regarding your problem why uplay says connection lost and get support from them. Most of the time, they provide helpful support within their reach. So, don’t hesitate to seek help from the support team of Ubisoft.



Final Thoughts:

I firmly believe that the methods of fixing Uplay described here will solve the problem. And I am hoping for a fixation of your problem by this. There is nothing that remains any method of fixing the uplay error. I have described here all possible fixation. So, If you find it helpful, then share it with your gamer friends. If you have any queries, questions, or suggestions regarding how to fix Uplay connection loss, feel free to communicate with me. It will be my great pleasure if you share any up-gradation regarding the fixing method with me. In addition to this, if anything I have missed here, please let me know. This discussion is all about for today. Have a good day.

Good Luck!

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