31 Anthem Issues: Fixed anthem sound bug, anthem demo issues, Crashing, Launch & Many Other Bugs.

Anthem issues are the vast worst experience for game lovers. Especially the anthem keeps crashing is much more painful. There is a lot of other issues associated with the anthem. We are here to provide the issues which are addressed and fixed.

Anthem is an online multiplayer video game developed by BioWare and released by EA (Electronic Arts). Anthem can play on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. In 2018 the Anthem won the Best PC Game and Best Action Game award. But after that, the game lost its sales potential. However, Anthem was nominated for the game award but failed to obtain any awards.

As we know, in in-game performance, there are numerous factors correlated. The two aspects it is the game side and the device side. Let’s take a closer look at the game developer side. The Anthem Game development authority cannot gain the level of expectation. But sometimes, the device and associated elements are responsible for many issues during game playing.

Today we are discussing the prominent and randomly addressed issue of the Anthem game. The list of the anthem issues is presented here according to the severity of the problem. In addition to this, here describe the best solution to the matters. So, let’s begin.

We address all the issues to fix the device-side problems here. So, for running the Anthem smoothly and without any hassle, it is recommended to ensure the meeting of device requirements for Anthem. And the needs of the game configuration are as given below.

Required system configuration By Anthem.
Required system configuration By Anthem.

What Is The Required System Configuration By Anthem?

There are two types of system requirements by Anthem game. One is standard, and the other is minimum. And both areas below.

Standard Requirements.

Anthem Recommended System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz

RAM: 16 GB System Memory

GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060/ RTX 2060, AMD RX 480

GPU RAM: 4 GB Video Memory

HARD DRIVE: At least 50 GB of free space

DIRECTX: DirectX 11

Minimum Requirement.

Anthem Minimum System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350

RAM: 8 GB System Memory

GPU: NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9280X

GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory

HARD DRIVE: At least 50 GB of free space

DIRECTX: DirectX 11

Xbox One Extra Requirements.

There is an additional requirement for Xbox One, which is windows supported to need a persistent non-interrupted internet connection.

The List Of Prominent Anthem’s Issue And Fixes.

The list of the Anthem Issues and their fixes are long. But we categorized it according to the nature of the issue and the fixing methods of the problems. So, let’s dive into the detail.

1.     Anthem Connection Issues

Connection issues are a common problem, and many game lovers suffer for the connection with the anthem. In other words, it is also called a network issue. But there are two main aspects of the connection problem. The first aspects are external, which is related to the server of Anthem, Xbox, and PlayStation. And the second aspect is associated with the internet connection of the device. Do the following to fix both external and internal issues.

For Fixing The External Issue.

For Fixing The Internal Issue.

  • Ensure the internet sped and stability. Make port forwarding from the router homepage. Forward the port as per the device you are using.
  • The following port needs to be forward for PC.
    1.   TCP: 8080
    2.   UDP: 3659, 21000-26000
  • Froward the following port for PlayStation 4.
    1.   TCP: 1935,3478-3480,8080
    2.   UDP: 3074,3478-3479,3659,21000-26000
  • The Xbox One needs the below port to be forward.
    1.   TCP: 3074,8080
    2.   UDP: 88,500,3074,3544,3659,4500,21000-26000
Anthem Connection Issues.
Anthem Connection Issues.

2.     Anthem Server Issues

Server issue is one of the worst common problems of Anthem EA games. It can be due to the server of the Anthem. So, before doing anything, check the Anthem Server status. By going to the Downdetector, you can do it quickly after reviewing the current server status and if you found it okay. Then restart the game and attempt to join again. If you are using Xbox One or PlayStation, restarting the console will be helpful to fix the server issue on Anthem.

Anthem Server Issues.
Anthem Server Issues.

3.     Anthem Launch And Loading Issues.

Most of the time, we can’t launch the Anthem due to various problems. Sometimes, it led to infinite loading screen issues also. If you face the Anthem launching issue, the following fixing method will be to get rid of the launching error of Anthem.

  • Close The Anthem Complete And Run Anthem As Administrator.
  • Change Your Graphic Settings According To Your Monitor.
  • Move Your Anthem To Another Drive Of The Device.
  • Update The Drivers.
  • Make A Repair From The Origin.
  • Turn Off The Option Of Game Overlay.
  • Delete the BioWare Folder (The Path Is This Pc > Documents).
  • Uninstall and reinstall the 1.30 Patch
  • End The Game Process And Rejoin the Expedition.

    Anthem Launch And Loading Issues.
    Anthem Launch And Loading Issues.

4.     Anthem Fps Issues

FPS or frame rate issues can encounter the Anthem. FPS is known as Frame Rate Per Second. If the FPS is low, it will not play the game. In addition, with lower FPS, we cannot play the Anthem game smoothly. So, the set FPS at a higher rate will solve the Anthem FPS issues. To do the same, follow the below steps.

  • Ensure the minimum system requirements from the Anthem.
  • Adjust and increase FPS from Anthem Settings.
  • Increase the FPS from the Pc’s graphic card settings.
  • Readjust Windows settings and increase the FPS for Anthem.
  • Turn Off Other Programs And Turn On Game Mode.
  • Update The Driver (Reinstall if necessary).
  • Ensure Anthem FPS is Optimized.

    Anthem Fps Issue.
    Anthem Fps Issue.

5.     Anthem sound bug Issues.

Most gamers of Anthem game report audio issues when they play Anthem. Especially after entering the market area or during loading a mission. Multiple factors can cause the problem. But whatever the matter is, implementing the following steps can fix this sound issue.

  • Restating the Game: If the audio issue is simple without any significant reason, then restarting it will fix the audio problem immediately.
  • Updating Audio Driver: Sometimes, backdated audio driver of the device can cause the issue. So, updating the audio driver will effectively fix Anthem’s sound problem.
  • Deselect Disable All Sound Effects”: If the Option “Disable all sound effects” is on, then the sound problem in Anthem may occur. So, check the option, and if you find it contained, then unchecking it will be solving the sound issue.
  • Running The Troubleshooter: In case of unable to fix the sound, there is an option of troubleshooting. So, running the audio troubleshooting option can set the sound issue.
  • Set your one sound output device as Default: In the case of using multiple sound output devices. Setting one device to default will eliminate the sound bugs problem in Anthem.
  • Set the Default Format in the lowest mode: Heavy sound quality can be arising the sound issue in Anthem. So, set the sound into most melancholy, and the device default option will be fixing the audio problem in Anthem.

    Anthem sound bug Issues.
    Anthem sound bug Issues.

6.     Anthem Controller Issues

Game controller issues in Anthem are common. Anthem, the Pc controller, PS4 controller, and Xbox one controller maybe not work correctly. In addition, the gamepad on Pc is perhaps not working correctly. And PS4 and Xbox one controller Origin does not detect controllers like Steam or Uplay. So, the controller issue is a significant concern in playing Anthem. But wait till there is some solution to this issue. Try the following to fix Anthem controller issues.

  • Use emulator or inputmapper software to detect the controller.
  • Use a gamepad emulator for fixing the issue with a gamepad.

7.     Anthem Graphics Card Issues.

An overwhelming majority of the game players reported having issues with the graphics while playing Anthem. It may happen because the GPU is pushed to 100%, then overloading leads to crashing the game and even the entire PC. In addition to this, there is another BSoD (clock watchdog timeout) error. The following will be helpful to get rid of the graphics card issues on Anthem.

  • Check The Graphics card is seated and working correctly.
  • Check and ensure the power needed to run the graphics card.
  • Uninstall the graphics driver and reinstall it.
  • Alter the graphics settings.
  • Check The DirectX and fix the error (if any).

8.     Anthem Stuttering Issues.

During the Anthem gameplay, a problem arises with the display. There is an irregular delay between the GPU and the game display. Sometimes, the GPU and other times not optimizing the system resources causes the problem. On the other hand, occasionally, audio stuttering is also reported by the Anthem game player. If stuttering issues meet you in Anthem, then the following will be helpful to fix the problem.

For Video Stuttering Issue.

  • Turn The AA Off.
  • Disable The Hardware Monitoring Software.
  • Close All Program Run In The Background.
  • Sets The Effects To Low.

For Audio Stuttering Issue.

  • Open your audio drivers UI
  • Set The default format to 24bits 44100hz or 16bit 44100.

9.     Anthem Shards Issue.

Shard is a game currency used to buy cosmetic items to customize the Javelin exosuits. Many times some issue is reported of Shards problem. One is not receiving the shards after purchase. And the second one is the after receiving shards not appearing at the Anthem. But there are some possible fixes to solve the issues.

  • For the first one, wait for at least 24 hours, and after that, recheck it, and you will get it now.
  • And for the second one, delete the files given below.


C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\Origin*You need to show hidden files and folders to see those*

Now restart the Pc.

Finally, start Origin and check it now.

10.  Anthem Performance Issues

Sometimes the overall performance needs to be increased for the sake of smooth running of the Anthem game. By changing and readjusting some Pc resources, you can quickly fix the overall performance issue of Anthem. Apply the following to ensure it.

  • Ensure the minimum game requirements for Anthem.
  • Set the Anthem game priority to high at Windows Task Manager.
  • Ensure and update the drivers.
  • Adjust the game set according to the Pc configuration.
  • Adjust Pc setting according to the game’s priority and function.

11. Anthem Download Issues.

The gamers report a vast download issue to download Anthem demo, Anthem VIP, etc. These problems are occurring in Pc, Xbox, and PlayStation also. So, if you are facing such a download issue, the following will be helpful to fix the Anthem download issues.

Anthem Download Issue In Pc.

  • Ensure uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Wait for the ending process will be given the outcome and complete the download.
  • In addition, clearing the Origin cache will be helpful.
  • Close the other background program.
  • Restart the computer.

For Xbox And PlayStation.

  • Ensure uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Turning off the console and again turning on.
  • Unplug the power and plug the power again.
  • Turn off the router and turn it on again.
  • Pause the download and restart it again.

12. Anthem World Event Issues.

An essential live activity within the anthem is the world event. Every player within the Anthem game can complete the world event and get some treasure chest.

In Anthem, legendary world events are also called legendary events. The legendary event is a special themed world event that runs quickly during the gameplay season. And a radio tower icon represents it. But the problem is sometimes the map is hidden. And other times, there are no places found on the map. If you are disturbed by the world event issue in Anthem, then do the following.

  • For single player must kill the Titan after that left through the exit and finally re-enter. Every individual player must leave through the entrance for the group or end the expedition.
  • If everyone in the mission respawns at once, it also works and fixes a world event in a hidden place.
  • Log out of the game and log back in until it works. Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to dissolve the issue.

13. Anthem Latency Issues

Latency in-network determines how long it takes to transfer data from source to destination. Playing a game with high latency can cause lag. In Anthem, the optimal level of latency is 20ms to 40ms. But up to 100ms is acceptable. So, the low latency is suitable for online gaming; on the other hand, high latency makes problems. In the Anthem, latency issues can be leading to lag. By doing the following, we can fix the latency issues.

  • Ensure High speed and Bandwidth of the internet.
  • Make wired/cable internet connection instead of WIFI.
  • Close all programs are running into the background.
  • Close all other websites and browsers.
  • Play Anthem on the nearest server.

    Anthem Javelin Issues.
    Anthem Javelin Issues.

14. Anthem Javelin Issues.

Javelin issue in Anthem may occur while playing the game, especially after completing the primary campaign, unable to get into the Javelin Fort Tarsis. It also happens when a bug occurs. The Javelin stuck problem also arises when Javelin encounters terrain, foliage, and rocks. But some fixes can get rid of these javelin issues. Try the following.

  • Complete the primary campaign, skip credits, watch cutscene after the credits, accept an invite from another person for a dungeon, complete the dungeon. Then it will fix the Javelin issue.
  • Open the map and Select Respawn, and play again. Is this can help a lot to get rid of the Javelin issue.
  • Launch in the launch bay to the right of your Javelin. It will solve the Javelin stuck issue.
  • Launch a mission or stronghold from the launch bay, complete it, and return to Fort Tarsis.

15. Anthem Rendering Issues

Anthem rendering issues occur when some effects of the game block render and deform the color and lighting of the screen. It may happen in the first scene and after opening a loot cache. The following will be helpful to fix the rendering issue in Anthem.

  • Update the graphics driver to 9.2.2

16. Origin Anthem Issues.

Although the Anthem is installed and downloaded to the Origin, it is not playing and getting access. If you have Premium Origin access on Pc or Xbox, the following will be helpful to fix the issue.

  • Go To My Game Library.
  • Now, Click On Anthem.
  • After that, Click On Settings.
  • Finally, Click On Upgrade Game.

17. Mouse Movement Issues Anthem.

When the mouse moves slowly during the gameplay, the Anthem is not registering the movement. But it is not happening to the game settings or maps. In addition, when engaged in a fight, conducting a mission, or roaming around Freeplay, the mouse cursor is invisible. The followings are helpful to fix the issue for many Anthem gamers.

  • Ensure the latest driver for the mouse.
  • Try a different USB port for the mouse.
  • Change the full-screen resolution or play Anthem borderless.
  • Open and close the menu.
  • Delete the Xbox Accessories app from Pc.

18. Anthem Not Closing Completely.

Closing the Anthem generally does not exit the game because Anthem is still running. And the background process takes the available memory. Besides, the game gives a black screen when trying to leave. If you encountered the Anthem closing issue, then do the following.

  • Exit from the Main Menu and exit from the Anthem after that.
  • Kill the Origin in task manager.
  • Ensure that the Origin didn’t relaunch or open after the game was closed.

    Anthem Open Demo Issues.
    Anthem Open Demo Issues.

19. Anthem Open Demo Issues.

After installing the demo and accessing the upcoming demo when launched, the Origin opens again, and the play button changes to unclickable. In addition, sometimes, Anthem VIP DEMO is not working. There are various reasons like bugs, Anthem server error, and opening the demo. Many gamers reported not getting into the VIP demo, which is Anthem’s server capacity problem. So, wait a couple of times, restart the game, and attempt to join again.

20. Anthem Quickplay Issues.

A vast majority of the Anthem game users report many issues about Anthem Quick Player Broken errors. After joining an in-progress mission, it found it impossible to progress ahead. In addition, now waypoints are available, and the objective refuses to update. Although no specific fixes are Exist, something can mitigate the issue.

  • Avoid the quickplay mode.
  • Start a mission from scratch.
  • Get an update of the Anthem game (If available).

21. Anthem Crashing Issues.

An overwhelming majority reported about the Anthem crashing issue. Although the crashing anthem issue is a bothersome experience, some specific things can fix the problem. Do the following to dissolve the Anthem crashing issues.

  • Meet the system requirements for the Anthem game.
  • Update the Geforce game-ready driver version 417.71.
  • Open the Origin and go to the My Game Library. After that, Click On the Settings of The Anthem. Finally, Update the game.
  • Open The Origin, Click On My Game Library, go to The Anthem, Click On Settings And Click On Repair.
  • Clear The Origin Cache.

    Anthem Crafting Issue.
    Anthem Crafting Issue.

22. Anthem Crafting Issue.

A vast majority of the Anthem felt unhappy when they failed to craft. Crafting allows upgrading the weapons or gear. For crafting, it is essential to have blueprints and crafting materials. But when the question occurs for gaining the crafting materials, it is required to harvest items in the world. Following will be helpful to erase the crafting issue.

  • Do a favor for Prospero in Fort Tarsis by doing a mission and unlocking the crafting.
  • Get the blueprints (if it is available).
  • Frequently use the Item and get a higher rarity blueprint.
  • Earn blueprints by increasing Reputation.
  • Buy crafting materials for coins from Prospero or Smyrna at the Store.

23. Anthem Multiple pilots Issue.

After crashing and restarting the game during the game playing, it provides a new pilot. But the previous progress within the primary pilot. In this case, do the following to solve the Anthem multiple pilot’s issue.

  • Allow and connect the game to live services.
  • After That Press F (for Xbox One Press X, for PlayStation4 Press Square).
  • Now Select your primary pilot from the list.
  • Check and ensure they show as active
  • Hit Esc (for Xbox One And PlayStation “back to the previous screen).
  • Press Space to resume (for Xbox One Press to continue, PlayStation4 Press A to resume).
  • You can load in on your primary pilot.

24. Anthem Loot Issues.

Anthem game players want to loot, but Bioware provides a complex system. In addition, Anthem creates various resistance for getting loot items to the players. So, there are numerous issues with the loot in Anthem. Mainly the looting dropped significantly and disappeared of the loot items. Doing the following will fix the problems hopefully.

  • Turn the shower and let the rain to the Masterwork and legendary gear.
  • Try to address minor things like loot calibration.
  • Stronghold loot will auto collect all loot items at the end of the mission.

25. Anthem High CPU Usage Issue.

Along with the other issues of Anthem, high CPU is one of them. Anthem uses 100% of the CPU in this issue and crashes after a while. Modern games use 2-4 cores with 4-8 threads, and Anthem does not accept this. So, if you want to fix the 100% CPU usage issue, the following will be helpful.

  • Try standard required System Configuration By Anthem.
  • Make changes to the BIOS setting as below:

Turn off anything related to OC.

Ensure “Hyper-Threading” is on.

Make off the “core virtualization” or “virtualization.”

Allow the Auto voltage without OC below the base-clock voltage.

Turn On the option of Always have CPU active.

  • Do the following if you have a low-performance issue.

Disable CPU Core Parking Utility, open that utility again, and disable it.

In case of using MSI Afterburner when you play, turn it off.

From the NVIDIA control panel, set monitor resolution to 60hz, add Anthem to the Mange 3D setting programs list, and adjust the settings.

26. Anthem Bricking Consoles Issues.

Another annoying issue of Anthem is bricking console issue. This issue crashes the player console during the quick play. Many users think that they are console was broken forever. But there is a way of fixing the bricking consoles issue. Try the following, and it will be helpful.

  • Turn the console on in safe mode.
  • Rebuild Database.

27. Anthem Update Issues.

Anthem released various updates to fix the bugs and other problems. Sometimes, this update alone can create an issue. In this issue, the game does not start after an update. Try the following to fix the problem Anthem is not starting after the update.

  • Run Anthem’s Self Repair.
  • Disconnect Other Apps or Programs Run With The Anthem.
  • Completely Reinstall The Anthem And Origin.

28. Anthem Install Issues.

There may be some issues that arise during the installation process of Anthem. One problem is setup can’t continue due to DirectX. And the problem was associated with Error: 327684:1 during the installation. Many game lovers reported the install issue. By doing the following can rid out both Anthem install issues.

  • Make free space for your drive (by deleting some games or using an external drive).
  • Go to program files (x86) / origin games/ Anthem/ installer/ DirectX/ redist
  • Make a new folder.
  • Move the DSETUP.DLL AND DSETUP32.DLL from the redistributed folder to the new folder (don’t move DXSETUP.exe).
  • Now Reload Origin and resume the install.

    Anthem DLSS Issues
    Anthem DLSS Issues

29. Anthem DLSS Issues

The Anthem DLLS issue occurs during the playing. While DLSS (deep learning super sampling) technique boosts frame rate per second without losing visual quality too much. But sometimes, it may fail, and the DLSS issue occurs. To fix the DLSS issue, do the following.

  • Update the NVIDIA driver.
  • Update Windows to its latest version.

    Anthem EA Access or Origin Access Issues.
    Anthem EA Access or Origin Access Issues.

30. Anthem EA Access or Origin Access Issues.

Many gamers report an issue with accessing the Anthem. The accessing problem is Pc and console also. In addition to this Origin, access bother game players occasionally. Thus, try the following to fix the EA and Origin access issue.

For Fixing The EA Access.

  • For Console, Open the Hub.
  • Refresh the hub (LT, RT, and Y).
  • Now go to Anthem and view the game.
  • After that, Click On The Three Dots and Select Play Trial.
  • For Pc, select the correct time zone and relaunch the game.

For Dissolving The Origin Access Issue.

  • Go To My Game Library.
  • Select Anthem and Click On Settings.
  • Now Click On Upgrade The Game.

31. Anthem How To Report Issues

Many players want to report the issue directly to get specific support for fixing errors or bugs in the Anthem game. In this regard, EA has an official support system. Follow the steps below to report an issue regarding Anthem.

  • Go To the Official support website of Anthem.
  • Select your device type.
  • After That, Select A Topic.
  • Again, Select An Issue From The Given Options.
  • Now, Click On Select Contact Option.
  • Submit the report.

    Anthem How To Report Issues
    Anthem How To Report Issues

Last words.

Now the time is yours to fix the Anthem issue you have encountered by this time. All fixing methods discussed here have a massive possibility for solving the Anthem problems. Although Anthem is an excellent game to play, it sometimes causes a lot of anomalies. But still, there is a solution, and today we represent the solutions of all possible segments of Anthem.

We do not guarantee but firmly believe that the fixation is helpful. Many other gamers solve their issue by implementing the methods discussed. So, fix and enjoy your games.

Good Luck.

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